Expandable Solar Systems


expandable_solar_systemsALLSOLAR has developed an  expandable approach to the design of renewable energy solutions. People have different requirements and different budgets and a modular approach can drastically lessen the initial financial outlay and help to make your solution more affordable.

Solar energy technology can be very modular. All the components, such as inverters, batteries and solar panels, can be regarded as building blocks and when correctly approached, we can design systems that can easily be scaled up. You could start with the basics and add components as you can afford to, or as your need increases. This means you don’t have to start with a big hole in your pocket!

A unique offering?

pics2ALLSOLAR is possibly the only renewable energy specialist that focusses extensively on the design of expandable solutions. The experience and understanding our engineers have gathered over time through the implementation of our own and hundreds of other systems, have led to unparalleled insight into this methodology. A holistic approach is essential and the end vision should be kept in mind from the start. This will ensure that future expansion will be feasible and cost effective.

A popular design tactic is to divide electricity requirements or loads into Essentialand Non-essentialloads. Essential loads, which could include lights, fridges, TV, and computers, are powered by solar energy, whilst Non-essential loads remains powered by the Eskom grid. Non-essential loads could include underfloor heating, welding machines or any other heavy consumer which is not used on a daily basis. Loads could be divided in any way you choose and you can decide what needs to be powered by renewable energy and what can remain on the Eskom grid. Any custom configuration is possible!

ALLSOLAR will take the risk and complexity out of your move from a conventional to a renewable energy solution. A custom designed phased approach is guaranteed to be not only technically feasible and efficient, but also cost effective.

Please contact your nearest ALLSOLAR branch to discuss the development of a system that will suit your unique and individual needs.