Advanced/High Tech Options


Battery bank monitors

BMV-700The main function of an advanced battery monitor is to follow and indicate the state-of-charge of a battery. In a way it acts like the fuel gauge in your car – at a glance you can see how much fuel is left. The battery monitor will indicate state of charge as a percentage and estimate how long the battery can support the present load.

For the more technically minded, the monitor will also indicate other data such as voltage, current, power and Amp-hours. A history of events  is stored which can be retrieved at any point to evaluate usage patterns and battery health. Additionally, the monitor can be programmed to activate alarms when specified conditions occur and a built-in programmable relay can even be used to switch loads or start a generator.


Intelligent Energy Management

Victron CCA smart energy management system monitors solar electricity production and energy use and gives real-time insight into the data. The same device can also switch non-essential loads like geysers, pool pumps and HVAC systems to maximise efficiency through user defined timers. Intelligent control will decide whether solar or conventional electricity should be used to run devices. It uses specialized technology to control circuits, thereby maximizing solar energy production. The user interface is accessible from any smart phone, tablet or computer. It shows solar energy production and total electricity use allowing customers to understand and manage usage better. .

In-depth remote monitoring and control.

remote_monitoringMonitoring systems are available that provides intuitive control and monitoring of all solar components connected to it. Besides onsite monitoring, information is also forwarded to a free remote monitoring website – the system is connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi dongle or Ethernet cable. An Online Portal allows access to solar system data from any computer or smart phone. Besides basic information like energy yield and battery state of charge, a full range of data can be accessed, graphs of all electrical values can be viewed for any period of time and in-depth analysis of electrical data and system performance is possible.

online portal

Remote configuration.

Remotely analysing the functioning of a solar system might lead to a decision that configuration settings need to be adjusted to optimize performance. A product like the Victron ColorControl GX, in combination with VE Power Setup software, allows the user to change the settings of system components from any remote location with internet access.

Remote configuration functionality gives complete peace of mind to many of our clients who own high performance systems. Highly skilled ALLSOLAR engineers monitor these systems from their offices (obviously with the client’s permission!) and they can “fine tune” the functionality of the system at any time, thus ensuring optimum performance. The fact that our engineers could keep an eye on the inner workings of your system will mean you have professionals with you every step of the way!

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