Solar Water Pumps


FlowThe free power of the sun is the obvious choice for many pumping applications. DC water pumps are highly efficient, solar energy is free, there is no need for expensive electrical connections to remote areas and installations are virtually maintenance free. We offer solar solutions for:

  • borehole pumping (submersible pumps),
  • surface pumps
  • swimming pool pumps.

The main criteria for sizing pumps and the associated solar array is the total head and the volume of water required per day. Once the performance parameters have been specified, our engineers will custom design a solution to suit your specific needs.

ALLSOLAR is proud to be associated with the most trusted brand names in the industry.


The Grundfos SQFlex pump is in all probability the most advanced solar pump ever built, able to run on 30-300V DC and 90-240V AC. There are several pumps in the range, each designed for different head and flow rate requirements. Currently they are capable of pumping up to 200 m high and with a shallow head, flow rates of more than 140,000 l/day are possible, depending on the size of the solar array.



An AC Solar Pump controller (variable speed drive) is used to convert DC power generated by solar panels into 3 phase AC power that drives any existing 3 phase submersible or surface pump. It consists of an efficient, programed drive which acts as an inverter to operate the pump. In addition, it gives complete protection to the pump and controls its functions.

Choosing and sizing the correct pump can be a challenge but ALLSOLAR has in-house specialists to design the optimum solution for your needs. Please contact any ALLSOLAR branch to get in touch with our professional pump system designers.