Other Components


Balance of system components refers to all the additional “bits and pieces” required to complete a turnkey installation. Some of our clients prefer to do their own system installations and to be of service to them, we provide a full range of installation components. To make certain that you use the correct product, we even give free technical advice!

PV system monitors – onsite & remote

victronThe Victron Color Control provides intuitive control and monitoring for all products connected to it: Inverters, MPPT solar chargers, battery monitors and more.

Besides monitoring and controlling products, the information is also forwarded to a free remote monitoring website: the VRM Online Portal. To get an impression visit https://vrm.victronenergy.com, and try the demo.


The Microcare Battery Monitor is an All-In-One solar control system which will monitor and control Microcare MPPT’s and Inverters. This fuel gauge for batteries will monitor and relay all aspects of your power generation and load requirements. This information is then used to accurately determine the condition of the battery and the remaining amp hours. All information is logged and can be reviewed via the graphical display or on a website portal.


Precision battery monitors

BMV-700The main function of an advanced battery monitor is to follow and indicate the state-of-charge of a battery. In a way it acts like the fuel gauge in your car – at a glance you can see how much fuel is left. The battery monitor will indicate state of charge as a percentage. The battery monitor also estimates how long the battery can support the present load and will show voltage, current, power and Amp-hours. A history of events is stored which can be retrieved at any point to evaluate usage patterns and battery health. Additionally, the monitor can be programmed to activate alarms when specified conditions occur and a built-in programmable relay can even be used to switch loads, activate inputs or start a generator.


Combiner boxes


Solar connectors – MC4


Electrical cable


Screenshot 2016-06-06 15.13.09

Fuses and fuse holders


Lugs and terminals


Solar panel mounting systems


Using adequately sized components for solar systems will soon become a legal requirement in South Africa. ALLSOLAR prides itself on specifying components according to local and international standards to ensure complete electrical safety. Please contact your nearest ALLSOLAR branch if you require technical assistance.