Inverters convert battery DC voltage into 220 or 380 VAC for household or industrial use. Many different types and sizes are available and the correct choice will depend on power and application requirement.


Solar/UPS bidirectional inverters/chargers

These inverters consist of a pure sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger and a high speed transfer switch, all in one compact enclosure. Additionally, the configuration of a number of automatic switching functions based on programmable  parameters is possible. Inverter/chargers are at the core of off grid stand-alone and grid-interactive systems and allow various sources of energy to interact. They could be used in a UPS application as a phase 1 solution and later upgraded to a full solar grid-interactive system.


Spec Sheet


Spec Sheet


standaloneinverterStandalone inverters

Inverters whose sole function is the conversion of battery DC voltage into 220 VAC. Available in Modified Sine Wave and Pure Sine Wave versions.

UPS inverters

A quality UPS inverter is equipped with many features, which make both your equipment and UPS more reliable. Under normal power conditions the UPS transfers the power from Eskom directly to the loads whilst keeping the batteries charged at the same time. During power failure, the unit automatically supplies back-up power from the batteries without any interruption. Specifically designed to be used in UPS applications the inverter/charger systems we supply are used with external batteries to ensure long back up times.

Grid tied inverters

Applicable to grid connected PV systems, these inverters convert DC power from a solar array into 220 VAC or 380 VAC to feed energy directly into the distribution board. Any power that is not consumed by the user can be fed directly back into the grid network. See more at Grid tied Solar Systems. Some of the brand names we represent:


We want to ensure you install a proven, field tested product. In order to provide backup service and peace of mind, ALLSOLAR only supplies quality pure sine wave inverters with a rock solid warranty.

Please contact your nearest ALLSOLAR branch for professional assistance in choosing the correct inverter for your specific application.