Charge Controllers


bluesolarmicrocareA solar charge controller, or regulator, regulates the flow of power from the solar panel to the battery. Its primary function is to ensure correct charging and to prevent overcharging of the battery bank. Additionally, charge controllers display information about battery status and the flow of power. Display ranges from simple LED light indication to digital display screens providing a full range of information.

We provide a wide variety of top quality, reliable charge controllers for applications ranging from simple camping systems to large professional 3 phase off grid systems. ALLSOLAR is proud to be associated with recognized brand names in the industry.

Choosing the correct controller is critical for ensuring optimum power availability from the solar array. To guarantee that you make the right choice, please contact your nearest ALLSOLAR branch.


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State of the art MPPT charge controllers ranging in size from 15 – 85 A with LCD data display and logging.

Spec sheets.

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Proudly South Afric an MPPT charge controllers ranging in size from 10 – 100 A with LCD display and logging.

Spec sheets.


German quality PWM charge controllers ranging in size from 4 – 40 A. Specifically for smaller solar systems that require low voltage disconnect. Electronic protection and LED status indication.