dixonBatteries are very necessary in certain PV systems – they allow us to store energy collected by the solar array for times when the sun isn’t shining. Premature battery bank failure is the most common fault in solar systems. It is often said that batteries are the “weakest link” in solar systems but battery problems are nearly always a result of improper system design, bad component choices, installation errors or simply lack of maintenance. In other words, most battery problems are caused by the human factor!


trojanCar batteries are not designed to be discharged on a daily basis and will have an extremely short service life when used in a solar system. Even some of the so called “high cycle” batteries will not be a good choice.

Proper battery bank design and the correct product choice is critical to a successful PV system and requires professional knowledge.

ALLSOLAR prides itself on being experts in the field of battery bank design. Our specialist knowledge will ensure you get adequate storage capacity, optimum lifespan and the correct battery for your specific requirement.

ALLSOLAR stock a full range of deep cycle batteries with various capacities and voltages, suitable for all applications. We are proud to be associated with reputable brand names.







Please contact any ALLSOLAR Branch for professional assistance and further technical information on the range of batteries we supply.