Verification Certificates


SolarcertTo deliver effective solutions and maximum return on financial investment, PV systems must be designed and installed to standards which comply with certain regulation requirements. The only way to do this is to rigorously test and document the results at the initial installation stage, and also on a periodic basis, to ensure the system keeps on performing effectively and efficiently.

The requirement to implement electrical safety tests and the subsequent issuing of commissioning documentation will become a mandatory requirement in the future.

Screenshot 2016-05-19 16.55.04The ALLSOLAR group has invested in state-of-the-art commissioning and installation testing tools (Solar PV Seaward Solarlink™ PV Installation Test Kit) which can be used for a full range of electrical commissioning tests, including irradiance and module temperature measurements.

We also make use of a dedicated software program (SolarCert Elements) to produce electrical test certification documents as specified by the international IEC 62446 standard.

Verification documents provided include the following:

  • Installation Diagram
  • PV Array Test Report
  • PV System Inspection Report
  • PV System Verification Certificate

The use of calibrated testing equipment and official software to issue IEC 62446 documents will give system owners, regulatory bodies, insurance companies and financial institutions the peace of mind offered by international standards.

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