Installation Standards


Picture1It is important to ensure that your installation complies with the relevant legal, technical and safety standards. Apart from your personal safety, insurance companies require that the installation is compliant with recognized standards.

Renewable energy is a relatively new field in South Africa. Official conformity codes with regards to certain aspects do not currently exist. Where this is the case, ALLSOLAR has created its own compliance procedure based on international codes for PV installation. We have standardized installation procedures for all our branches and created our own in house rules of conformity to promote safety and acceptance by insurance companies and financing institutions. In this way we aim to lead the way and set the benchmark.


Picture3ALLSOLAR installations conform to the following existing South African standards:

  • NRS-097-2-1 Code for Grid Connection of Embedded Generators
  • NRS-052-2-2:2012 Photovoltaic Systems for use in individual homes, schools and clinics
  • SANS-10142-1:2009 The Wiring of Premise – Low Voltage Installations

International IEC62446 standard

This regulation sets out the electrical tests required for the safe and correct installation of a solar PV system. It defines requirements for documenting, commissioning and inspecting PV systems. Although this standard is recognized internationally, it is not yet enforced in South Africa.impliment_iec62446

With specific South African PV industry regulation not yet firmly in place, it is an unfortunate fact that many smaller “installers” are not adequately qualified and do not prescribe to any standards. This can lead to dangerous situations that can even lead to electrical fires, as we have witnessed ourselves.