Become an ALLSOLAR Branch



Picture1ALLSOLAR NATIONAL has an exciting, innovative and very affordable Independent branch offer available and we are seeking prospective partners in certain areas. With many branches nation wide, we are the fastest growing specialist renewable energy group in South Africa and available areas are limited.

When compared to starting a “stand-alone” business, the benefits of joining the ALLSOLAR group are numerous:

  • As an Independent branch you own your business but get continuing assistance from ALLSOLAR National – You are in business for yourself but not by yourself!
  • You immediately benefit from the reputation and brand image of ALLSOLAR and its associated brands.
  • Less start-up capital will be required – our buying power, experience and understanding of the market segment eliminate unnecessary expense.
  • You will receive detailed training in all areas of the business with special emphasis on technical aspects.
  • The cost of national advertising campaigns will be lower because it is shared between the branches.
  • You immediately tap into our established purchasing power and negotiating capacity with major and reputable suppliers.
  • You will have the specialized and highly skilled knowledge and experience of the ALLSOLAR group behind you, while remaining self-employed.
  • The support and benefits provided by the ALLSOLAR group greatly reduces your business risks.
  • You will have access to ALLSOLAR patents, copyrights, trademarks, formulae and trade secrets.
  • You will have the benefit of our continuous research and development programs which will keep the business up to date and competitive.
  • ALLSOLAR provides a knowledge base developed through experience which would not be accessible to a standalone business.
  • ALLSOLAR group support means business challenges can be shared and discussed with other branches.

We do not offer a franchise, which has several disadvantages. Instead, we have developed a unique Independent Branch structure with many differences when compared to the standard franchise model.

If you would like more info, please mail . Remember to include your name, area you are interested in and full contact details including mobile number.